Let the Sunshine In

Window panes cracked, shattered, broken. Never mind. They let the sunshine in.

It's a gorgeous day, the kids are playing on the balcony, enjoying a quiet Sunday afternoon.



Hamam: it's one of those words that doesn't translate well. Here in Lebanon, it's used to refer to rather amazing bath-houses and regular old bathrooms.

In this picture, you can see the roof of the hamam of a grand old house near down town. At least I've assumed it's a house. The roof is the dome studded with blue glass bottles. The bottles allow light to enter while stopping prying eyes. Inside, I'm sure the light is amazing.

It must have taken extraordinary wealth to have a private hamam back when the house was built.

Here's the same photo, a little more zoomed out.


Looks Like Legos

Yesterday I posted a photo of a half-finished high-rise that has grew old and became a ruin before it was ever finished. Today, I'm sharing a photo of a new high-rise. It's either finished or as good as.

I think it looks like the kind of thing a kid would make out of legos. I posted a photo of this building from another angle (and under different light) a couple weeks ago. Check it out.


That's Entertainment

One of the most well-known landmarks in Beirut is this tower:

I'm a little amazed that I haven't put a photo of it on my blog until now. 

It's the Murr tower, named after the family that began building it in 1974. I learned that and several other bits of trivia from an article that I googled my way into.

Best quote from the article: “As an engineer I’d say destroy it. It’s easy, cheap and gives you the freedom to create something new.” Adding with a smile: “MTV bought the exclusive rights on the implosion.”--Gabriel Murr


Kalabsha, Women's Clothing

There's really no doubt about it. Kalabsha is my favorite clothing store in Hamra, my favorite made-in-Lebanon retailer.

They're located just north of Hamra Street. The workshop and the store are there on the 4th floor. Some of the clothes they sell are really artsy, pieced like quilts from diverse fabrics that somehow work together. The variety of colors and textures is balanced by silhouettes that are relatively simple, classy. It's a good combination.


Look What I Found

Paint, peeling like papery bark on a tree.

It isn't what I was looking for. But usually, the things I find aren't.


This Way and That

I like how this photo turned out, nearly monochrome with lines and angles, planes and fields, depth and flatness.The bright white and the dingy beige, the push and pull of shapes going this way and that.

It's soothing somehow.



This little garden is situated on the west side of the National Evangelical Church, which faces the Grand Serail downtown. I understand why this lovely bit of green is chained up, but I wish it didn't have to be that way.

It's lovely all the same.


In the Past, In the Future

Ever since 2005 I have passed by this building and counted myself lucky.

Never more so than today.


Le Conservatoire libanais national supérieur de musique

Le Conservatoire libanais national supérieur de musique, or the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music is one of the place I pass pretty often on my walks around town. The glass case behind the railing is filled with exercise books for many different instruments. I couldn't tell if the sun bleached the covers or if the dusty blue color was a design decision.

Either way, I like how it looks in my photo.

Sometimes, music wafts from the building as I pass by.