Andalos Street, Raoucheh

I recently walked by this doorway on Andalos Street in Raoucheh. I love the tiles, the awsome (though typical) font--the colors and lines--all of it.

The light was fading fast as a took this photo. A better photographer would have waited, would have come back for better light. But I'm glad I took the photo anyway. Who knows when I'll wander by again?

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving to all our friends and family in America. I hope you have a great celebration and eat a piece of pie for me, would you?


  1. Style and beauty around the door.I like it! :-)

  2. I love the tile doorway! Glad you took the photo when you did - I like the lighting.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mary Ann! I have a selection of pies for you on my EAGAN blog today!

  3. Sorry, no pie, but I had some delicious homemade dinner rolls for you! Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  4. It's a beautiful doorway!

    We decided to skip the pie this year and have cheesecake instead! Did you all have some kind of feast today?

  5. The tiles are beautiful! But of course, now I want to know what they say. :)