Urban Birds

It's interesting to see animals adapt to their surroundings, finding ways to live in a habitat that can be harsh, ill-suited, punishing.

Birds adapt better than most, or so it seems to me as I watch them come and go between buildings. They perch on lines, build nests where they will, take flight when it suits them. They seem quite at ease in their urban home, so much so that they don't even look out of place.


Tiles, A Retrospective

I've wanted to post this for some time; a retrospective of some of the decorative tile designs on West-Beirut facades. These have all appeared here on Beirut Pursuit in the past.

It's neat to see them side by side.


Tiles Downtown

Downtown Beirut is squeaky-clean, new or newly renovated, full of high-end living, shopping and dining. Tucked in there with all the sleek, new, well-kept buildings is this one:

See it? See the mini-tiles on the facade?

I never would have expected to find a tiled building in that neighborhood; surprising that it survived intact, more surprising still that it survived reconstruction.

Chances are, if I hadn't gone looking for tiled facades I never would have noticed this building.  But when I consider how many tiled buildings there are in Beirut it makes me smile to know that there's one downtown too.



What do you do when your wall of concrete blocks gets a hole blown in it?

Patch it with other blocks of course.



A flying carpet?

Wishing you all a little bit of magic this weekend.



Each morning, the caterers fill their trucks and deliver tasty bites of delicious stuff all over town.

Socrate is best known for catering. In Hamra they have this distribution location on Bliss street and a restaurant on the street one block to the south.


Like Home

This is a photo that for many reasons feels like home. It looks welcoming, it looks peaceful.

I'd walk through the door, climb the stairs, turn the key, call out salutations, and there I would stay.


Break Time

I walked past this truck a little while ago and was delighted by it. It was on-site where a crew was filming a movie, something you see more and more of these days on the streets of Beirut. Inside the truck I could see a little kitchen and there were also bathrooms (see the door marked for men, just to the right of the logo?).

A brilliant idea. If I were filming a movie, I'd definitely want this truck there. Creature comforts matter.


In Monot

At night, the Monot neighborhood is alive with pubs and music, people, laughter, traffic. Oh yes, a crush of traffic.

But in the early evening it's calm there, quiet too. And it's beautiful.


Weekend, weekend

There's nothing better on a Friday afternoon. Think of the sea, think of relaxing with friends. Think of shade and a cold drink. Think of watching the sun go down.

It's the weekend, everyone. Hope it's a good one.


Speckled Blue

I like the speckled blue tiles on the facade of this building.

The colors remind me of the sea.

At present I'm thousands of miles from Beirut, hundreds of miles from anything like the sea.  From this great distance all I have are my photos, and in them, Beirut looks crowded. I can't help smiling to myself, because Beirut is crowded.  I like it that way.


A Perfect House

A perfect house . . . what would that be like? Well, it definitely needs to be big enough, but not too big. It shouldn't be a caricature of itself, after all. It should have large windows that face north to let in a lot of the best kind of light. There should be a garden filled with mature trees that flower if that isn't too much to ask. And of course, there should be some privacy, an escape from the outside world.

I guess a perfect house would be something like this.



A few years ago on a different blog, I posted a photo of my kids that was taken in Beirut in 2007. We did a contemporary version of it recently.

Here's to another like it in 2012.


Welcome to Summer

This is one of the prettiest views along the coast, looking north.

I took this one morning from the end of AUB's track and field, looking out to sea.


Glub, glub

I walked past this cute little fish near Gefinor not long ago. It made me think of summer, beaches. It reminded me that there's something sort of relaxing and happy about little fish. I wonder why. . . .

I hope you all have a nice weekend!

Don't forget to drop by my vacation blog. I've updated it faithfully.


New Routine

During the school year we passed this little shop every day on our walk to and from school. But it's summer now and our schedule in the fall will be different.

We'll have a new route to school and it won't take us past this shop. Even though there are hundreds of other shops like it all over town, I'll miss this one.


Near Gou

Just before we left town we stopped at Gou for lunch. It's a favorite of ours.

Walk just a little to the north from there, and this is what you'll see.


Quiet Morning

I took this photo on a quiet street. It was mid-morning and nobody was out.

The yellow facade belongs to the Haigazian University. Lebanon has a significant Armenian community and they founded this university in 1955.

The yellow building was renovated recently. I love it when old buildings are rehabilitated. I feel like I've stepped into a time machine when I look at them.


Stars and Shapes

It's been such a long time since I posted a collage of concrete blocks. It's time for another one, this time with stars.

Wishing you all a happy week!


The Color Green

At this time of year in Beirut, almonds are green. You can get them in the produce markets around town. All over the world, City Daily Photo bloggers are posting photos of green things in their city. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

What do you do with a green almond?  You dip them in salt before eating, that's what. I've gotten used to many things in Beirut, but this isn't one of them. The taste is fine, just not what I prefer.

This is July, and for me that means I'm on vacation. For the coming several weeks I'll be posting Monday through Friday right here at Beirut Pursuit. On the weekend, check out my vacation blog. That's where you'll see photos of my other life, the one I lead when I'm not in Beirut.

Happy July!