Urban Birds

It's interesting to see animals adapt to their surroundings, finding ways to live in a habitat that can be harsh, ill-suited, punishing.

Birds adapt better than most, or so it seems to me as I watch them come and go between buildings. They perch on lines, build nests where they will, take flight when it suits them. They seem quite at ease in their urban home, so much so that they don't even look out of place.


  1. Hi Mary Ann, that's wonderful, hope you are having a very fine summertime...

    If you have a moment, please see my most recent post with a chicken photo, you could well enter this one on the next World Bird Wednesday at the Pine River Review blog, link is in the post... if you had a mind to of course.

  2. I agree with Joan: this is a gorgeous photo. The colours and the composition are most pleasing. I wonder what sort of pidgeon these are? They have a glorious sheen on their backs. You are right about urban birds, although we have some that rummage in bins and that is not so nice. Yesterday morning as we pushed my grand-daughter in her trike across a park, we were festooned with Welcome Swallows as they cut swoops through the air, round and about, up and down. The child was delighted.