Quiet Morning

I took this photo on a quiet street. It was mid-morning and nobody was out.

The yellow facade belongs to the Haigazian University. Lebanon has a significant Armenian community and they founded this university in 1955.

The yellow building was renovated recently. I love it when old buildings are rehabilitated. I feel like I've stepped into a time machine when I look at them.


  1. I like the quiet, peaceful feel of the photo! That yellow building has some fantastic architectural details, Mary Ann!

  2. Looks like a beautiful place, would love to see it in a series with changing light on it... I'll bet in the sun it is literally radiant...

  3. Beautiful..Beirut is at it's most best during this time..Free from cars, traffic, and just general chaos.

  4. Nice indeed.
    Is the university still in operation?

  5. Yes, the university is still in operation. I wish I knew more about it.