The Color Green

At this time of year in Beirut, almonds are green. You can get them in the produce markets around town. All over the world, City Daily Photo bloggers are posting photos of green things in their city. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

What do you do with a green almond?  You dip them in salt before eating, that's what. I've gotten used to many things in Beirut, but this isn't one of them. The taste is fine, just not what I prefer.

This is July, and for me that means I'm on vacation. For the coming several weeks I'll be posting Monday through Friday right here at Beirut Pursuit. On the weekend, check out my vacation blog. That's where you'll see photos of my other life, the one I lead when I'm not in Beirut.

Happy July!


  1. You are braver than I am. I still haven't found the courage to bite into one of those green fuzzy almonds.
    Salt, eh?

    Looking forward to your vacation blog. Have fun.

  2. I would love to try these Mary Ann, have a fab vacation.

  3. Dip them in salt, before or after you take the cover off? Do you eat that furry cover as well? This photo is a bit deceptive with regard to size which I am gathering to be the size of a normal almond, ie small.

  4. I really like almonds as my "after school" treat before dinner! But green almonds, hmmmmm
    Fun foto for theme day, Mary Ann

  5. Julie, I found a link for you that describes how they're eaten (differs from one culture to the next and depends on how ripe the green almond is. . . . You'll also get a better sense of scale from the link--their photo shows one cracked open:


  6. It's fascinating to see the different foods and customs in other countries. I remember being surprised when I went to New Guinea to find the people there ate their mangos green, like apples.

  7. Followed that link, Mary Ann. Fascinating. Such a short life at that stage of its development, and yet the ripened almond is omnipresent. It is here in Oz at any rate. Even in my trendy greengrocer's, I do not see green almonds. I might take me a trip down to the Bondi Fruitologist on Bondi Road. They have a large Russian/East European immigre population there which might increase the demand. Shall have to work out my seasons - or just ask the chaps on the counters. Thanks for the link, yet again.