Each morning, the caterers fill their trucks and deliver tasty bites of delicious stuff all over town.

Socrate is best known for catering. In Hamra they have this distribution location on Bliss street and a restaurant on the street one block to the south.


  1. Mmm, I'll bet they have some delicious odds and ends on those trucks... I wonder how often they get hi-jacked by hungry gourmets ?

    PS If you are still in US on vacation I sure hope you're finding ways to stay cool...

  2. The same sort of bread/pastry trays as we have here in Oz.

  3. In my days (70's to mid 80's) this _was_ the Socrate restaurant; it is disheartening to read it's moved elsewhere and this prime location is not convenient anymore.
    I can imagine that the IC/AUB gate intersection has become a traffic nightmare with noisy construction everywhere. I've been told the old Tarazi ice-cream corner shop was knocked down to make way for a hotel, Pasha restaurant and its old yellow building is gone, too. And here I notice that the old building housing the Jeha bookstore to the right of Socrate is no more :-(

  4. Okyrhoe, thanks for sharing your recollections. It would be fun to walk through the city with you and hear what was where once upon a time.