I Guess We'll Have to Go Through It

Bear hunts; they're a kind of chant-along activity that you do with kids. Here's how it works. Everyone sits crisscross-applesauce in a circle. The grown up is the leader and talks the kids through tracking a bear. There are hand gestures involved, and there are obstacles along the way, tall grass, a river, etc. For each such obstacle, the leader of the hunt announces, "we can't go over it . . . we can't go under it . . . I guess we'll have to go through it!"

This doorway, with that great big hole drilled through the left-side post, reminds me of the bear hunt. Who was it who decided that it was a good idea to drill right through? It makes me wonder if they really couldn't wire up the building any other way. Or maybe it could have been done differently, by less conspicuous means, but there wasn't a compelling reason to leave the stone post alone.

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  1. Really good segue into this photograph, Mary Ann. Adds so much to the meaning of the eventual image.

    Even with the ugly hole and its ugly wires, there is still the charm of decadence about this doorway, with its pillars and its grill and its number 16.