Is it Love?

I can't decide if I love stores like this or not.

Koko in Bourj Hammoud

The first glance gets me every time; the thrill of the visual overload. Wow, I think to myself. Look at it all! And, looking at it all I initially feel sure that in there somewhere, there's something perfect for me. But then I take a closer look, I examine their products. And wouldn't you know, it turns out that I don't need a hat or an umbrella. I've got too many scarves already. And I'm way too picky about purses to commit on-the-spot. So, yeah, I never end up buying anything at places like these. That can't be love can it?

But then, I do LOVE the air conditioners overhead, the mess of wires, the retro mannequin heads. I love that everything is jammed together, spilling out of the shop onto the street. And I'll never get over the landscape of grime and grit from which this bouquet of colorful consumer possibilities has emerged pure like a lotus flower.

Maybe it's love after all.


  1. I don't think that I'd visit this shop. Sensory overload!

  2. It appeals to the "garage saler" in us all...the promise of treasure if you just look hard enough. :) I too look at it and think there is going to be something I must own :) Until I was "forced" to accompany my sister-in-law (not you, the other one) into each and every stall in China Town, NYC I loved these shops!

  3. I LOVE this entry! Beautiful caption for a cool picture!

  4. A photograph so full of the grunge of urban life. I like your second paragraph, moreso than your first.