The Marathon

Beirut hosts a marathon annually at about this time of year. The race took place yesterday. This is the first time that I've been a spectator--and it was really something to watch the elite runners zoom past, followed up by the 'fit' crowd. They were trailed by the 'still trying to run' folks, and after them in a seemingly unending chain, the walkers carrying balloons and banners, wearing jeans.

I was very surprised to see a runner on two artificial legs. I'd never seen legs like his before (the runner wearing the British flag on the lower right), and I couldn't help noticing how different his gait was from the other runners. I was socks-knocked-off impressed by it, that he could do it . . . that he was doing it.


  1. His legs are fashioned like sprung steel. I wonder if he has a running pair and also a walking pair?

    The way you say that it is your first time as a spectator, in my head, implies that you have partcipated on other occasions, either in Beirut or in the US. I tried to walk our City to Surf in 2008. I finished but it took too much out of me to contemplate a re-run, so to speak.

  2. I've read articles on running with this type of prothysus (sp) but never seen someone doing it in person. They are designed to mimic the movement of a cheeta is that cool or what?

  3. Yes, that type of prosthesis is very cool. Yes, there are different types of devices for the different uses and it is amazing what individuals can now do in spite of losing a limb or two.

  4. Congratulations to that runner dude! My brother has taken up running 5K races - not me! I blog - not him!