Lovely Dilapidated

I used to pass through this intersection twice daily taking my daughter to and from school.

On our way, I'd steal wistful glances at this once-grand ruin of some other generation's boom. I can't explain being drawn to these derelict left-overs.

The other day I was in that part of town again, for the first time since our return in October. So much had changed, but my lovely dilapidated corner had not.


  1. Glad to see your photos again after your short break. I missed them. That's quite a building - must have been a beauty in her day!
    Bon weekend!

  2. Thanks Leif! It's good to be back.

  3. So magnificent, Mary Ann. I can see that the ground level is still in use as shops. My guess is that the upper levels are still in use as apartments. What is that glorious "penthouse" level used for? Is it a communal area (or is that too modern a concept)?

    Truly a delightful eyeful of dereliction. I am sooo glad you have returned to us.

  4. This is beautiful :)

    What can I say... being a student of history, I am intrinsically drawn to such things of the past.

  5. Hi Julie. I'm pretty sure that only the ground floor is in use, though I'd love to see the whole structure revived--especially the penthouse up top.