Mini Chinese Pizza Papa

I love this poor little building.

The roof . . . heaven only knows what happened to it, or when. Did the stylized Chinese window dressings on the upper floor arrive before or after the roof collapsed? Was the restaurant really called Mini Chinese Pizza Papa -- or were there two different establishments? It's fun imagining a restaurant that served some kind of Chinese-Italian fusion. But these are just dreams, the sole remains of a bygone enterprise. I'll probably never know what kind of food you'd get at Mini Chinese Pizza Papa, and maybe that's what makes this place fun to dream about.

Snack Faysal, the little place on the ground floor, serves typical Lebanese street food--good food, and fair prices too.


  1. That's a noteworthy building indeed! I'd try dinner there! Looks like it has a lot of character and history! If walls could talk...

  2. Fantastic blog Marry Ann! Thanks, for your comment on Christchurch Photo Diary. I see now why you liked the photo.

  3. Beirut portrayed in a single photo. I am there.
    Thank you!


  4. Lovely to see it all glossy from the rain, too. I like these little bits of ruin that you focus our attention on. Lovely eye.

  5. LOVE this one! I'd love to eat at a place like that...sounds like something for everyone :)