Architects around here know it, and have known it for years. People want balconies.

So there are balconies on most buildings around town. On many of these you'll see outdoor curtains--usually made out of a heavy canvas or plastic fabric. They block light, dust, rain, and they do it without stopping air circulation.

Whatever advantages they offer, I didn't like them much when we first got here. I thought they looked messy.

But, like so many other things in this city, they've grown on me.


  1. Balconies are essential to me. I simply must be able to sit outside. I have gone one step further and find it difficult to live other than on the ground. I need a patch of dirt.

    I like the closer balcony much more than the further. We have both types here in Sydney, too.

  2. Balconies are a wonderful architectural feature. They definitely add personality to any building.