It reminded me of quilting, this facade that I wandered my way into the other day.

It looked like separate pieces, coordinating but not matching, assembled here sort of haphazardly. I liked how it looked.


  1. I like how it looks too, Mary Ann!
    The architecture really allows to see how Beirut was considered the Paris of the Middle East.
    Was it Paris, or another sophisticated European city... I forget.

    Is that the texture of the glass reflecting the light, or sheer drapes hanging loosely? Eery yet beautiful, if you know what I mean...


  2. I like how it looks also in this beautiful photo. I love the middle door with the pinkness behind the window.

  3. Yes, Beirut was called the Paris of the Middle East. I can't speak from experience (since I haven't traveled much outside Lebanon), but other people tell me that Beirut is the most european city in the region.

    The windows on the upper floor didn't have any glass. Too me, it looked like slightly opaque plastic sheeting in it's place. There must be something red or pink behind it to make that odd pinkish hue.

  4. Beautiful shot of a charming building...

  5. ...and the best quilts are put together of fragments you never thought would be so beautiful together!

  6. I get that feeling with many of your shots. And then when I think of a week of your shots, even moreso ... and a month ...