One of the things that I love about Beirut is the architectural diversity. It seems that every single style of arch is present in this city. I really liked the shape and colors of this one.

Different arch shapes have different names. It turns out that this is a tudor arch--at least, that's what wikipedia claims.

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  1. I like the slap-happy approach to design. HOw the doorway linked to the original archway is beyond my comprehension. So many of the delights of Beirut that you uncover seem to be like this. A total amalgam, as though what is at hand will simply have to do. Totally delightful.

  2. I love this image. it is superb for any day and for theme day. great choice

  3. I think you should make your photos in Beirut into a fancy coffee table big book! What a collection they'd be! Love 'em!

  4. love how everything you share seems to be a blend of classic "Aladin" style and an attempt at modernization. Wonder how it would all be without western influence.