In the Shop

Throughout the city there are workshops like this one where craftsmen (it seems they aren't ever women) construct or finish wooden furnishings.

I love stumbling upon places like this. It always makes me feel like I've found something special.


  1. It is indeed special. The furniture appears to be quite non-descript, but then you notice the "legs" on the stout piece in the front...

    Happy Easter weekend

  2. Oh, nice! Does it smell of wood there?

    "Craftswomen" would be an oxymoron in the Mideast.

  3. Nondescript meaning plantation pine! And there is some particle board leaning against the wall. So relatively inexpensive furniture.

    I do like the row of portraits along the door archway. Is this some sort of memorial to people who have worked there, do you think?

  4. A memorial would be great, but no. Those are politicians. If I had a better grasp on Lebanon's recent past, I'd be able to tell you the shopkeeper's political affiliation. Surely all the locals can tell.