Brace Yourself

Elsewhere, I've remarked on buildings going up in the city, noting that they're almost always faced in stone. I tried to describe the way these sheets of stone are attached to the concrete facade, and the metal fixture that makes it possible. I don't think I described it well.

Here's a picture of the metal bracing contraption that fixes the decorative stones to the facade. Several of these pins are inserted into holes drilled into each side of the stone, bracing it to the wall and to the stone adjacent to it.


  1. Yes this makes it clear. Thanks.

  2. Golly, what a lot of effort for pure affect. I guess there are enough buildings that arise that are just concrete through and through. We have a lot of sandstone buildings in Sydney from the 19th century and many of them are clad with burnished sandstone over the rough. I have no idea how that is attached.

    I would think that this sort of method might be a bit dubious under earth quake conditions??

  3. Thanks for showing the inside story of cladding.
    I wonder if this stone facing is a law in Beirut.
    In my city it is, since British Mandate times.

  4. I'll have to ask around about the facing. I thought it was just aesthetics, but there could be more to it.

  5. Stone facing is a law in Jerusalem since British Mandate time. Really? Why I wonder? Shall go over and ask Dina.