Lion Twins

For me, this blog is first and foremost, a great excuse to get out there with my camera, to create something to keep and share of a city that I love. It helps to be part of the City Daily Photo community. Y'alls comments mean the world to me.

City Daily Photo is world-wide. Anyone, anywhere can join and that openness allows us all a simpler view of the world, sometimes from very different points of view, one photo at a time. Without this community, I'm sure I never would have seen this picture taken in Jerusalem. Go ahead and click, and compare it to my photo below.

We have almost-matching lion buildings.

I don't know when Beirut's Assicurazioni Generali building went up but it is shockingly like the one in Jerusalem. Also, I'm not sure if the building still houses the Generali Group or not, but the ground floor is now an upscale cafe in one of the most squeaky-clean sections of town.


  1. What a fun post. It looks like the same company owns the buidings ... a bit like the way MacDonalds and Pizza Huts used to look the same the world over.

  2. Yes, I think that must have been the concept! Both buildings were originally offices for the Italian insurance company Assicurazioni Generali, and to me, it seems they must have been designed by the same architect. The differences between the two are so slight. I wonder if their offices elsewhere in the world are just like these two.

  3. Except that it is deliberate and commercial, this would have been an appropriate link across those two disparate cities for a thought about the brotherhood of man.

    This IS squeaky clean. Not your usual stomping ground.

  4. The differences between Beirut and Jerusalem are too devastating, too real for a post like that.

    I think both buildings were built in the 1930s when (as far as I know) the cities were really just neighbors and the similarities between the cities could be contemplated in a context other than that of the sadly ironic.

  5. Oh gosh, I was out of town a week and missed this.
    Love the way you found to present it.