On the Road

Usually when I post a picture, I'm sort of excited about it. It's a picture that I feel good about, maybe it turned out beautiful or maybe it was fun to take or maybe I love the subject matter.

This isn't one of those pictures. I'm ambivalent about it. It's just here. Nothing special. Mundane. It's a slice of life along Hamra Street.

Some notes about the image:
1. It is so strange that the guy on the scooter is wearing a helmet. No one wears helmets.
2. It is not strange that he has stopped in the middle of the street to have his conversation. Nor is it strange that the man on the cell phone is simply out there on the road.
3. The blue truck full of twisted up rebar!
4. Parked two cars down from it, the German flag completely interfering with rear-visibility. More World Cup cheer in Lebanon.
5. The wall in the background is patchy like that (exposed cinder blocks and yellow painted stucco) because a building has just been torn down. There's nothing but rubble behind that black wall--for now anyway.


  1. hehe
    this pic is typical Beirut.
    Just another day living in Leb..
    cool capture

  2. Interesting insights from an everyday photo.

  3. There certainly is lots to see in this photo.

  4. I think the point of the photo is that it is a slice of life. Your life. The life of the people shown. I like that.

  5. Yeah, I agree with Martina. I like the slice of life. I think what I really like is your way of elevating an otherwise mundane image.

  6. I quite like it.
    It could be a scene from the back streets of my city, same.