The Garden Show

On Saturday, we took our kids to the Beirut Garden Show. It's an annual event held in the hippodrome--same one where the horse races take place.

At the show, there was the expected festival food & live music, displays of chic outdoor furniture and accessories, a kids nook with entertainment for tots, etc. But there was also this guy, weaving the seat of a stool.

I was so happy to see this because we actually have two little chairs for our girls that were constructed in a very similar way. In the background you can see a few baskets and these are incredibly typical--if I could make a visual lexicon for Lebanon, this is the basket you'd find in it. Everything, the size, color, shape, construction--that's a Lebanese basket.


  1. This is a lovely portrait if an interesting activity.

  2. "visual lexicon" - I like that.

  3. Nice to see how they make that ubiquitous stool.
    My neighbors the nuns have the same rough stools in their chapel. They seem to last forever unless bugs get into the wood.

    Baskets are pretty too.