Green Etc.

Summer in Beirut. It's practically here.

I wonder, as it gets hotter, will Beirut look less green?


  1. We just found your blog today off of City Daily Photo and so happy we did! You have an amazing eye for taking pictures. Your shots tell a story and make one want to know more. Looking forward to following you. Greetings from San Francisco!

  2. Wow, is that place as abandoned as it looks in your photo here ? Could you go inside to look around ? Looks rather dilapidated...

    My sister in law, who lives in Beirut, just sent me this link to a Lebanese tourism ad :


    She also sent a link to this rather troubling article :


    I remember thinking pretty much the same as we travelled in Lebanon in 2007. Half finished concrete monstrosities all over the place. A real shame, as the country could be so much more beautiful than it is already.

  3. I know that as it gets hotter here (Tucson), things definitely are less green. In fact, they shrivel! I like the green against the chipped facade of the building.

  4. I think the upper floor is abandoned. All the windows and doors are missing--kind of a tell-tale sign.

    But as for the lower floor, about that I'm less certain.

    Sometimes people suggest that I try to go inside these amazing ruins, but I'm much too cowardly to do that.

  5. A cowardly lion ? But even the cowardly lion turned out to be more courageous than he knew...

  6. Can Beirut look any less green?