Lots of Bikes

It seems to me that only a few short years ago, renting a bike was still a strange thing to do in Beirut. That's completely changed in recent years. Tourists and locals, young and old can be seen on rental bikes cruising around town. Most of them choose to stay off the roads (too scary, I guess), and so the Corniche is the natural place to be. Here's the sidewalk outside Beirut by Bike--a rental place that does a lot of business at this time of year. They're located just a block from the Corniche at the end near McDonalds. Kids bike rentals cost 5,000 LL an hour.

They do most of their business in the evening, since school's still going here. During the day, the sidewalk outside their shop becomes a kind of workspace where bikes that need it are repaired, adjusted, or upgraded.

Happy riding, everyone.


  1. Great photo! I've been meaning to rent a bike and do just that, take it for a spin around the Corniche..did you get a chance to witness the Darreja event, where hundreds of people came out to bike in Beirut, showcasing how biking is in fact a legitimate source of transportation?

  2. Mary Ann, This is weird parked : )