Openly Sarcastic

Well, yes. It is nice, in a generic sort of way. But it doesn't speak to me. It isn't saying anything. It isn't grabbing my interest.

I mean, it's quaint, right? It has a sort of charm. The carved stone, the little balconies. Great, bravo. But I'm so bored by it! There's no gitz, no glamour, where is the bling?

There's no pop, no pizazz. It needs something. Maybe neon?

Please! Must everything be so traditional and provincial? I'm bored with it! Someone do something, come on!

Now that's more like it. Much, much better. I'm alright, I'm going to be fine. *Phew!* That was close.


  1. LOL you're making me laugh today.

    What IS that, a giant treasure chest??

  2. It looks like an old travel trunk from between the wars, Agatha Christie and all.

    I do like it and its placement but you will need to say what the 'idea' is.

    The other thing with the buildings, is that they are too perfect. They need a bit of grunge.

  3. That is a faux Louis Vuitton trunk, It's a larger-than-life replica of their actual merchandise, which will soon appear in the shop behind the trunk.

    Louis Vuitton is a French luxury brand. The linked LV is an internationally recognized logo. They make all kinds of things but are especially well-known for luggage and handbags.

    Before a new shop opens here it's common to block the windows while the interior is renovated. That way, when the shop opens it's a surprise, a kind of unveiling. That's almost certainly what's going on behind that trunk.

  4. I like old buildings. They are a little plain though - perhaps some aspiring young artist might come along and do a graffiti job on them.
    The trunk stands out like a sore thumb - enough "bling" for anybody.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  5. And I thought Julie knew all the brand names ... it's so obviously Lois Vuitton. As for the buildings they remind me of hotels in places like Las Vegas ... modern replicas of the real thing.

  6. HA! Yes, someone had a huge VL bag to the photo to make it better!
    Smile, chuckle! (But I DO love the boring, provincial architecture)

  7. I love it too, which made it almost painful to write this post and why I had to make it plainly obvious that I didn't mean a word of it.

  8. No no no ... not Louis V ... not me ... maybe my daughter!

    And I am mildly surprised that you like the buildings, Mary Ann. Not your normal choice ... another side of you perhaps.

  9. I don't dwell on it much here, but these buildings do appeal to me quite a lot, grit-less though they are.

    Where I grew up, stone buildings were few and far between--to be found only in the city or on university campuses. For me, stone still conjures all the childhood wonder that I felt about those places.

  10. Oh NOW I get it.
    And you're right, stone rules!

  11. There is nothing charming about the new downtown area..so generic..so plastic..LV fits right in!