Piled High

Disassembled pieces of scaffolding piled up at one of Beirut's many construction sites. It's funny, but I'm a little bit stunned by how well organized it is.


  1. Lol! Someone must have been watching the workers that day.

  2. There is plenty of scaffolding in any city but even more in yours ... this makes for a pleasing shot.

  3. I just wonder if those construction guys ever played with Legos or "Lincoln logs" as young boys?!

  4. Leif, if they did, I hope it makes their present occupation a little more enjoyable.

    Dream it up Cookies: well, yes, but so was my five year old. She's also fascinated by work.

    Joan Elizabeth, I'm sure I'll run out of enthusiasm for scaffolding before Beirut ceases to need it. But for now, I'm still drawn to it.