I was only thinking of the shadows. They were dark and deep.

Looking at this picture now, I notice how overexposed it is--so much so that the radio antenna (which I promise does indeed stand on that pediment out at sea) has vanished into the brilliantly bright oblivion.


  1. looks peaceful and tranquil; long may it continue

  2. It is beautiful and inviting.
    Yes, may your streets stay quiet in these important coming days. I pray for that.

  3. Sometimes accidents like overexposure add much to an atmosphere ;-) - I like the lighting.

  4. Not easy shooting into the late afternoon light along the seaside there... I shot a sunset not far from there, will have to go delve into the Beirut photos archive here before too long... so much to post, so little time !

    Just saw your comment on the church walls from WWI. You are very welcome. I think we have to remain faithful in hope for our species, as the other options are not too cheerful to consider...

    PS Just had dinner this evening with a couple from Lebanon, who still have family there. They seemed convinced that things are getting very tense there, like a pot about to boil over. I hadn't picked up on that in the international press... what's your take ?

  5. I'm traveling currently, but I'll be back in Beirut in three weeks. I wish I could comment on the 'mood on the ground' but I won't know until mid-august.