Up at Laziz

Laziz is a casual Lebanese restaurant in Hamra. Here's a shot of their interior decor. I was able to take this picture from my table as I waited for my food. I like it that even their air ducts are embellished.

Although their menu is devoted to traditional Lebanese food, some of it is fantastically unconventional. Kebbe, for example. It's as thoroughly typical as hummus and taboule. You can buy kebbe anywhere--and it's delicious. Of course, you'll find typical, traditional kebbe at Laziz, but they've also got a variety made with pumpkin which is frankly amazing. Try it if you're ever in town.


  1. I love the ornate patterns ... they look embroidered.

  2. I love pumpkin! And yes, the patterns (in tin or aluminium?) add to the mix of modern and ancient.

  3. oops! I had the dimensions wrong for that image, until now! proportions are now correct.