What Strange Chimneys

I could be wrong about this. Being wrong isn't that uncommon for me, but I think these odd things on the roof--these strange metal capped things are mufflers to stifle the sound of gas-powered generators that kick in when municipal power fails.


  1. Hmm, that's a new one (to me). Interesting.

  2. Reeally ... now let me see ... I think ... I think them to be geese waiting for the right time to fly north(?) for the winter ...

    One window with shutters, the other without.

    Lovely foreground and background matching. What are the white stripes?

  3. I have no guesses at all! Good for you, much better to think about it and guess and be wrong than not to think about things at all. I love how even this worn-down, somewhat industrial-looking building still has pretty wrought-iron on the windows.

  4. I think they may be aliens, trying to blend in to the cityscape, while they are up there on the roof watching what is going on in Beirut... ?

    They're from the same planet the Tin Woodman came from...

  5. Nice suggestions everyone! This view has vanished by now. A new building is going up right next to it, blocking the view. It's funny to think that no one will ever see these things, whatever they may be, anymore.

    The white stripes are striations in the side face of a newer building behind this one.

  6. That is why we bloggers are so essential - we record the ordinary world in all its glorious ordinariness.