From Above

Brains are funny the way they link ideas together like so many dandelions in a chain.

Take this rooftop. It's crowded. There are at least 9 satellite dishes and as many antennas hovering over and around them. These are objects of utility, necessary gateway devices to bring an amazing variety of programming into the homes below the roof.

But as I walked past I considered their aesthetic quality and thought of them functioning just as well as ornamentation, didactically proclaiming the significance of entertainment, our collective mediated existence, the wonder of media transmission sent trough thin air.


  1. I like your text here! The image sets up such a clash between the past and the future.

    It is also pretty ugly ... but beautiful in its ugliness ... somehow.

  2. Yes! Ugly objects indeed, and yet it the composition of the structure or the form (something, to be sure) reminded me of a kind of sanctuary, a shrine. And that is a funny thought.