Piles and Piles

Just south of Achrafieh, there's a lovely public park that I wrote about months ago, and just down the hill from it, you'll find this amazing lot:

There's so much to see at a place like this: piles and piles of dirt--three different colors of it--and huge tubes that could become excellent storm sewers and heavy machinery to get the work done and (in the background) lots of pallets of concrete blocks.

It's really something.


  1. The 'lot' hitched its britches and vamoosed, leaving but a massive hole in the ground. When I had me a boy child, we spent hours watching work in holes in the ground.

  2. Super photo and I love your exubarent write-up. Yup, a real thrill for the engineers and little boys...and others?

  3. Interesting shot, there is something attractive about these sites as they lay in some strange in-between state...