Lighting matters. The quality of the light in a photograph is usually the first thing I'll envy in another photographer's work. In my own pictures, light is usually a big part in my decision to publish or not publish a photo. It's even a factor in whether or not I like an image, which is another mater entirely.

That's true this time. I like the light on the deteriorating exterior of this building.

But I didn't publish this picture because of the light (though it's good). I published it because of that upper window--the one with the shutters thrown wide, the one exposing the perfect darkness within, a blackness that draws my eye and holds it and will not let it go.


  1. A nicely lit building indeed! I'm just curious what it looks like inside that top corner room ....

  2. My eye was drawn to the bricks with the plaster falling off .. I guess they are highlighted by the light. I agree, light is everything.