I used to love the rain. Puddles and rainbows and umbrellas; they're so much fun. Plus, rainy days were sort of rare when I was a kid. Rare things are easier to adore than common ones.

Living in Germany changed things. Going for more than a month without seeing the sun even one time . . . that undid my ever-since-I-was-little preference for cloudy, rainy gray.

These days, I don't love rainy days more or less than their sunny opposites. They just are what they are and they're both good.


  1. After many years of drought is is hard for us to complain about rain but we sure are getting a lot of wet weather this year.

  2. How I understand your "Germany" - comment!!


  3. Joan Elizabeth, I'm glad it's rainy where you are--definitely much needed. Generally speaking, Australians seem to be very well-informed about how to cut water use, conserve, and survive in times of drought. Lebanon is facing a future water crisis and we will likely need to take similar measures.

    Martina, when we lived in Germany ('01-'04) the long stretches without sunlight (due to cloud cover--a thick, woolly gray that had tremendous staying power) were our only complaint--and it was only a problem between October and March. For me, Germany is an easy place to love and I'd go back in a heartbeat.

  4. You by no chance lived near Mainz? ;-) I would like to have your positive attitude: "only between October and march" ...

    btw with all this talk about weather I forget to mention how I like the light and the shadows in this photo.

  5. Just came across your blog by accident... and love it.
    A friend of mine has lived in Beirut for a couple years and moved back to London before the 2006 war. He told me some great stories about the city... and you upload the pictures to illustrate them. Those are some lovely shots you got there.

  6. Welcome, Dominic. Thanks for your nice comment.