The Rising Generation

I once read an Ibsen play about a famous, well established architect who harbored a robust fear of the "rising generation".  He would be replaced by them--he knew it--and he could barely name them without feeling a bit terrorized.  "The Rising Generation", he'd gasp with white knuckles--or at least, that how I remember my reading of the play.

I love how this image splits down the shadowy middle.  A new generation of buildings is rising in Beirut.  I wonder if old buildings like the one on the right know the terror of Ibsen's architect. 

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  1. They must know the terror, you can almost feel the shutters shivering in their fright...

    Nice to see a light back on in the window here, it's been a little while.

    Best wishes to Beirut, I'd seen some articles suggesting things were a bit tense. Hope it stays calm.