A few months ago I moved to a new place here in Beirut. The apartment is better for us in every way possible. We lost our view of the sea, trading that view for this one:

This is what I see from my kitchen. I happen to love it. I love it a lot.

And speaking of kitchens, I've spent a lot of time in mine lately--it's the season for baking, among other things. This year I'm becoming a Gingerbread expert. If you were to wonder why, I tell you it is because I invited 12 children to decorate Gingerbread Houses with my children, and I made the houses for all of them. I'd never done this before which means I'm learning (LOTS) as I go. Experience is a fantastic teacher, and in addition to learning all about Gingerbread Houses, I'm also learning that I probably won't volunteer to make this many houses ever again . . . even though it is fantastically fun for the kids and the houses they create are as haphazard and untamed as the one in this photo.


  1. I love your new view too! The crumbly walls, the shutters swinging, the unique windows (even with the broken window panes). And of course the colors!

  2. Hey hey we want to see the gingerbread houses and know how you make them! Recipe please!

  3. That's quite an artsy view out your kitchen window! Have you spoken to anyone living there? Does anyone come out on the balcony?
    Photos of the gingerbread houses please .....

  4. Nobody lives in the house next door, at least not on the upper floor. It's so broken down that vacancy is probably for the best.

    Nathalie, I use Martha Stewart's recipe (it's online).

    We'll have one final house-decorating party tomorrow. After that maybe I'll share a picture . . . we'll see.

  5. Who needs a view of the sea when one has a dream house like this one to gaze upon ?