Turquoise Doors

There's so much to this building, but these doors are what initially caught my eye. They're such a lovely color.

Maybe turquoise isn't the right name for it. It's deeper than Robin's Egg. It's too gray to be an aquamarine. Too green to be a peacock.

Here it is, below the upper floor. This section of the building sits directly to the right of the balcony in yesterday's image. The stone details, window tracery, proportions--all of it--are identical. But this section is in significantly better shape. There's glass in the windows, plants on the balcony. This portion surely has residents; lucky, enviable residents.


  1. Happy New Year, may it be one with lots of interesting and delightful doorways to pass through.

  2. Thanks, and to you too! I look forward to your return to blogging. There's such serenity in the landscapes you share.

  3. I always like how all these stickers and papers and scribbles and holes make a objet d'art out of door. The door is art, isn't it? :-) Street art.

    A wonderful 2011 to you and your family!