Once there was a sculpture (I suppose?) out at sea.

And then one day there wasn't. I don't know when it happened. Maybe it broke during the mid-December storm that did so much damage.   I don't know if they're going to fix it.  Does anyone else know?


  1. No idea... do you have a photo of the "before" version ?

    When I saw the title "Defeated", I thought you were going to be saying something about the disintegration of a government today... or perhaps you did, in a very subtle manner...

    We are praying for continued calm...

  2. The link in the first sentence goes to a photo I took in 2010 while the thing was still standing. I'm not entirely sure if it was really a sculpture, a decorative thing. It could be that it was a kind of wind gauge. . . .

    As for the government, so far so good. I try not to think or worry about it.

  3. it was a sculpture, done during a festival where several artists made sculptures on the corniche and in the water. it was supposed to be kinetic and move with the wind, but it never turned!. it did fall during a storm :)