Lights, Camera, Action!

People are always making movies in Beirut.

See? Just the other day, I walked past this film crew setting up a ton of lights all around Salon Safar on Bliss street. It's a humble little place. Like most other little barber shops in Beirut it seems it hasn't changed a bit in the past four or five decades. Don't know how it's possible, but these little nooks seem to have resisted the tide of change better than anywhere else.

I can't help taking pictures of trucks lately, so I also caught a shot of the truck they use to drag all the camera equipment and lights around.

Final Cut Equipped. Call them if you ever need to make a movie on the streets of Beirut.


  1. Lucky you to be there at the right time.

    Better to have movie crews in your streets and not TV news cameramen.

    And what's this new profile picture? Cute!

  2. OK, who's the new person in the profile picture ??? Or who was the former one ???

    Will the real Mary Ann please step forward...

    So what do you suppose caused the new interest in trucks ?

    And I agree with Dina, better making movies than having subjects for future movies being made...

    PS Can't wait to see the dream car you mentioned...

  3. Did they let you say, "Lights, camera, action!"

  4. LoL "Final Cut" sounds like one of these hip hair salons in Germany --- and you "copied" my pixie cut, baaah ... ;-) You look like me in this photo (okay, me some years ago - but ... it's a little bit spooky). Looks very nice. ;-)
    Enough cuts for now.

  5. Let's see. I got this haircut about two weeks ago because I had been meaning to for a long time. I've had this style before, more than a decade ago. I'd been reluctant to do it because short hair is seldom seen on women around here.

    I'm completely happy with it, although it took some time to adjust to my new reflection.

    More people stare now than before, but I'm learning how to ignore it.

  6. I forgot to say something about the trucks. They're just cool, and different here. They're nothing like American big-rigs. There are still a few I haven't been able to catch, still looking.

  7. And I thought it was a picture of you from a decade ago. Great! Enjoy your new "light headedness"!

  8. Next time you should rate the film crew on www.iCrewz.com .

  9. Great streetphotos and a great new photo of you!:)