The Western Edge

This post concludes the segment on the house in Kaslik. Owen suggested that it was more palace than house--perhaps he's right. Dina asked if it was at one time a church. I feel confident that it wasn't. The structure of the building is consistent with residential designs. There's a cross over the chained up gate from my first post about this place, not at all uncommon for Kaslik, a very Christian area.

At the western edge of the property there's this broken down gate. I had already entered the property when I took this photo--I was more intrepid than I would have been otherwise because I was with a friend. We continued toward the back of the house where I took this photo.

Had I continued past that orange tree, the chained up gate from the first photo would have come into view on the left hand side.


  1. Good on ya, Mary Ann! Inside views!
    The drama heightens with every post.
    Is there some way you could question the elders/oldtimers of Kaslik about the building?

  2. I'd love to, but . . . .
    Does anyone have advice for me about approaching complete strangers to ask if I can photograph their home?