On the Headstones

Most of the headstones at the British Cemetery had emblems (medallions, insignias?) carved into them.  They represent units, nations, corps of service. 

 Most of the images in the collage are are from WWII headstones.  Exceptions noted below.

They are left to right, beginning with the top row:

1. Royal Indian Army Service Corps
2. Motor Mechanic - H.M.S. "Nile"
3. Machine Gun Corps (WWI)
4. African Pioneer Corps - East Africa

Middle row

5. Australian Imperial Force
6. Rifleman - London Irish Rifles
7. South Africa
8. Women's Auxiliary Air Force


9. Essex Regiment (WWI)
10. Driver - N.Z. Army Service Corps
11. Craftsman - R.E.M.E.

I missed some good ones, including Hussars, Canadians, and the Catering Corps. All would be interesting I'm sure. I'll just have to go back for more photos.


  1. "Women's Auxiliary Air Force"? So you reckon there is at least one woman buried there?

  2. Yes! Here's what I found on her headstone (in addition to the emblem above).

    2990210 A.C.W. 2nd Class
    Josephine Tahhan
    Women's Auxiliary Air Force
    17th February 1946

    I didn't see any other women, but maybe there were others.

    1. Thank you for your information
      Our community doing research on service men and women buried in Lebanon.
      from WWI and WWII.

      Born: Lebanese Republic Died: Feb 17, 1946
      Her name is listed in the War graves registry
      Grave plot 9.a.1
      Do you know if we can find her Birth of Date, from the 1910-1930 Birth registry in Lebanon/Ottomon records.
      Thank you.

  3. And there are so many, many more. You may want to come to France at some point and visit some of the military cemeteries from the "Great War". The British cemetery at Etaples, near the coast is perhaps the largest. The American cemetery near Verdun is an unbelievably moving place... about 15000 Americans rest there. Thanks so much for this continuing report.

  4. Each one is so beautifully done! Thanks for the collage.