Shelter from the Storm

Can you see the two birds in the small shelter they found for themselves?

Wherever you are, whatever the weather, I hope you are doing as well for yourself.


  1. It's raining in Beirut? A unusual sight. Nice photo, but I am only seeing one fat bird ;-)

    Have a nice Sunday!

  2. Wow, looks like it was really pouring down... guess you were sheltering too ? Under an umbrella ? The birds blend right in with the background, but I guess I see both of them...

  3. You caught the falling rain so nicely, with birds as a bonus.
    I'm glad the rain has just started now and is washing the dust from the dust storm. This morning the city had 35 times the normal amount of particles in the air.
    Today is one of those days we appreciate staying home, no?

  4. We sure haven't seen much rain in your postings before this one! That's a good thing, right?
    A huge snow blizzard is just starting here in Minnesota with 20 inches/50 cm of new snow forecasted for today and tomorrow!

  5. Martina, the birds are near one another. you probably saw the one with it's tail behind the bar where they perched. The other is just to the right nestled in a ball.

    Owen, I saw them from the shelter of a balcony, the perfect place to wait and watch.

    Dina, the dust storm the other day was strange--made all the cars quite dirty. Thankfully the downpour today cleaned it all away.

    Good luck with all that snow, Leif. I miss the states, but definitely not the winter weather.

  6. Nice shot, although it took me by surprise. Somehow it never occurred to me that you have rain. :-)

  7. Yes, I see them but only when I enlarge! At least there are two of them waiting together ...

  8. I love the atmosphere of this shot.

  9. Well captured downpour...