UN Trucks

It's another commonality here: UN Trucks.

These trucks belong to UN Peacekeepers (UNIFIL) in the south. The trucks in my photo are here in Beirut because those folks need some R&R now and then, so they come to town. I walked past these trucks parked outside a West-Beirut hotel.

A few times in early evening, I've seen massive convoys of a different sort of UNIFIL trucks. These convoys include tanks, APCs, and heavy machinery. It's impressive, their parades of dozens of enormous trucks etc., and I've often wondered if that's part of some sort of planned rotation.


  1. Those are parked? Quite a way from the curb, no? :)
    I always take pictures of UN cars and buses here too.
    Isn't it scary to see such convoys with tanks?

  2. Yes, when I first moved here..I remember thinking that the prevalence of these types of vehicles struck me as odd. Now I'm used to them..much like everything else!

  3. It's true, they should be about a body-width closer in.

    I don't find the convoys scary. They have to rotate personnel and machinery periodically. Maybe it would be more unsettling if they closed the roads or had sirens or guns out, but they don't.

  4. Times have changed I was a UN peace-keeper for a while in the 70's, never once got to ride in any kind of land-cruiser though! I guess the UN has more money now.