Chocolate Dreaming

If someone told me that there was a yellow VW bus packed to bursting with chocolate candies of every kind . . . a bus carrying so much chocolate that it couldn't all fit inside and some of it had to be stashed on the roof . . . that once the door opened, the chocolate would spill forth like the tide washing up on the sand . . . I'd say it sounded like a child's fantasy, a dream.

Just after we passed, a box of chocolate cookies tumbled from the roof and a few fugitive packets rolled carefree downhill toward the sea.


  1. Even better that the photo is the story you made from it!

  2. Oops, correction: Even better THAN . . .

  3. I hope somebody rescued them! I wouldn't want those rollaway chocolates to go to waist - I mean waste!
    Happy weekend, Mary Ann

  4. I'm surprised there isn't a group of kids surrounding the van. It's better than an ice cream truck!

  5. Dina and Joan, thanks!

    Leif--yes, the man in the photo was right there when the cookies began rolling away and he was able to gather them all up again.

    Pam--this van stops here for only a few minutes each morning. He probably re-stocks small groceries all around the neighborhood. Most kids are on their way to school at the hour he makes his stop here. If they weren't maybe he'd have to be more careful about unpacking his wares in the middle of the road.

  6. Sounds like a Willy Wonka moment - well captured.