Don't Mind If I Do

Today, a photo collage of the interior of the Omari Mosque, downtown Beirut. Like many religious buildings the world over, this mosque has a long and dramatic history.For centuries, it has served sometimes as a church but mostly as a mosque, housed relics, been destroyed and rebuilt.

I really like the crescent and star detail on the entry's iron gate (bottom right). The photo on the bottom left shows what's above you when standing just inside the threshold. The top two show the ceiling decoration (left) and the basilica form of the mosque (right). More pictures of the interior, including photos that show the state it was in after the civil war can be found on the Omari Mosque's website. I think it is very cool that this mosque has a web presence.

Anyway, I don't normally go into mosques, but I couldn't resist this one. Why? This is why:

See that lovely green check mark by the camera? I can't resist such blatant approval of photography. And it helped that the robes we women must don were ready and waiting.

I also thought I should post this exterior shot--

That way, you'll recognize it if you ever go looking for it.


  1. A wonderful post. Only one thing missing: a self portrait of you in the robe.

  2. Looks like a really interesting place + welcoming too.

  3. Score! Awesome that you can actually take photos without having to go into "James Bond" mode! Lovely mosque architectural details!

  4. Dina, I though about that--almost asked someone to do it for me.

  5. Did you chicken out or what?
    Next time? Promise?

  6. So many ideas and places to see on my next trip to Beirut. Thanks for such a great blog

  7. Thanks, Nigel. I'm glad you like it!