Spring is upon us, and all over town flower shops are exploding with the proof of it. For days, I've noticed many a flower-crammed storefront, doorway,  hatch-back, and street corner--but my hurried photos of them weren't taken carefully enough.  Such hastily snatched images usually don't work out for me.

Not this shot, though. No hurry, no rush.  I was out exploring, chasing down beams of super moonlight. I'm not happy with any of my moon-catching photos, but this one, taken when I briefly put that task aside--I like this one well enough.

Spring is here. It's here to stay.


  1. And I'm welcoming it!

  2. If only! I awoke to 20cm of fresh snow. 153 more days until we move, but who's counting?

  3. Nice pix.
    And I love the name of the store, not "le pouce vert" (the green thumb) but "La pousse verte" (the green growth) since "pousse" and "pouce" are pronounced exactly the same way in French it is quite fun.