Was and Is

Place de L'etoile from the Charles Cushman collection of Beirut photos, 1965. Please click through to see the whole set.

Place de L'etoile as it looks today.   Cars are usually prohibited, and anyway I was there around 10 AM.  Only soldiers and security guards were there at that hour. 

You can see more of my photos that compare old and new images of Beirut by clicking here.


  1. Do you mean that 10:00 is considered early?
    I wonder how many women still know how to balance and carry stuff on their head.

  2. Hey, found your blog and your photo's SO reminded me of pic my wife takes. Wrought iron and doors to your balconies and doors. Anyway, we are moving to Beirut in Aug and your blog is making the anticipation so much more delicious. We love it!

  3. 10 is only early in certain parts of town, this one for example. It's a different (busier) place by lunchtime or on nice evenings or during the weekend.

    I've never personally seen a woman in Beirut carry anything at all on her head, so . . . it may be a lost art.

    Nick, be sure to get in touch when you arrive and let me know if you need any help moving or settling in.

  4. "The more things change, the more they stay the same"...I really enjoy these "now and then" shots.

  5. Things are rather reassuringly the same here -- just the cars gone missing.

  6. Thanks- will do! I think the school lays on some help, but I might have a questions just about life in general there.

  7. 1965, 2011 - it might be interesting to add a shot from 1990s. Now and then might be the same - but in between was very different.

    Great photos - thanks.