Good Morning, Headache

It's Monday, and on this particular Monday morning, I've got an errand-filled day ahead of me. I'll spend my time running all over town to pay bills, check out shops, find what I'm looking for, check off my list.

I was already at it first thing this morning when I passed this lovely sight. The sunlight dazzled my eyes and I couldn't pass without taking a few photos.

But now  I look at this photo and it gives me a headache--it's all those funny angles. The way I framed it makes it look like the right side isn't really parallel to the left.  It actually hurts my eyes to look at it and it's that feeling that makes me think I've got a headache.

Or maybe, the headache is just because it's Monday and I'll spend the day chasing after my to do list.


  1. I find the angles very attractive which make an unusual photo, esp. with the play of light.

  2. Lovely old apartments.While I'm sort of sad we were assigned a "new" one in a "nice" neighborhood, I'm sort of not sad as well. Maybe it's better to sort of ease into Beirut. If that's possible.

  3. Nick, you're in luck. Nice parts of town have many, many buildings like this one. It's part of what makes them nice. :) The new buildings are their neighbors.

    As far as I know, dormitory/faculty housing at AUB and the US Embassy housing (on their compound) are the only places where you'd really be living in another world, away from the "real" Beirut. I think you'll love it here.