Looking East

Standing on a friend's balcony, looking east:

All the buildings in this shot are familiar sites and landmarks on my frequent walks through the city.  Though I know these places, I'd never seen them from this angle before.  For me, and other city dwellers too I imagine, a new perspective on familiar scenes is a distinct, if small pleasure.


  1. From so many of your posts, I come away with this picture of Beirut as a 4-to-5 story city. It's good to have a reminder now and again that it's also a bustling metropolis filled with skyscrapers. :-)

  2. I am glad to see trees in the same frame as the tall buildings. Even if they do surround a car park, its a really pleasant scene.

  3. I like seeing the familiar from a different angle. It is a challenge to the head, to accept something that has always been, just unimagined.