Riding Lessons

The kids started riding lessons not long ago. They love it.

Here they are after the lesson, watching a more advanced student gallop past.


  1. Oh, lucky lucky kids! Good for them!
    Nothing like horses and the bond between them and a girl (I remember).

    That horse in the photo seems to be going really fast. Nice capture with the legs in the air.

  2. Such a surprise to see a 'rural' photo as this blog is usually so full of dense inner city shots.

  3. Mary Ann - I gave a young Minnesotan woman your name and CDP blog information as she will be studying "Peace & Conflict Resolution" in Beirut for one year starting in September through Rotary International! I told her to have her photo taken with you on your blog when she meets you.....

  4. Wow! That's really great news. I'd be happy to meet her when she comes. If it's helpful, I can introduce her to people that I've met who are working on peace-building in this country.