All Along

On the left is a "before" shot taken a few months back. That's what I was used to seeing. But then it changed one day and you can see how it looks now in the photo on the right. I wish I'd taken both from the same angle, but alas. . . .

The sign was gone, and in its place, windows--awesome old shuttered windows. My gut reaction was, "Oh, how cool. They've installed a decorative upper floor in the traditional style and harmonized it with the pervading style of the neighborhood." I was thinking about how great their work was, and how well they had matched the stucco and that the distressed paint looked really accurate.

Yeah. Then I realized that nothing had been installed. Nothing. They'd just taken the sign down. You can see the scaffolding is still in place in the after shot. These aren't restoration windows. They've always been there, and it's funny to think that they were there all along staring blindly at the back of the sign until just the other day.


  1. There are some buildings in our town that have their old fashioned facades covered up. We are hoping that as part of the town make over the owners will be persuaded to restore them to their former glory.

  2. I bet that upstairs room gave a huge sigh of relief -- at last, it could see and breath again.