Open Door

It's the weekend. Door's open. Yeah, you can leave your bike there. It's no problem. Come on in, stay a while.

Vacation season is coming.  It'll be here before you know it and the weekend is just a taste of it, almost a foreshadowing of what's ahead.

So, what will you be doing this summer?


  1. I love the rusty, old gate and door header! Great snap, Mary Ann! Where R U going for summer vacatiom?
    We're going to Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone Ntl Park this summer!

  2. That's quite an amazing door... must have been rather complicated to fabricate, a lot of welding...

    As for this summer... In July (very soon now) two weeks in the far south central France exploring the area around Florac, les Causses, the Cevennes National Park, then in August out to Brittany for a while... Will you be in Lebanon all summer ? I sure hope the problems in Syria aren't going to overflow into Lebanon...

  3. Grin ... summer is too far away for me to think about it yet. but it is sure to involve some Sweet Wayfaring. Love the patina of this doorway.

  4. Intriguing view! We're leaving in a few weeks for Russia and Ukraine to visit my daughter's birthplace.

  5. Leif, sounds very educational . . . was that the intent? Neat places, for sure and photo worthy too.

    Owen, can't help being envious. It helps that you'll share photos of those trips on you blog. I'm already looking forward to it.

    Joan, of course, summer's a long way off if you're in Australia! Your photos of winter are so lovely.

    Pam, that sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Take lots of photos. :)

    I'm off to the US in a few more days. I'll continue blogging Beirut photos while I'm gone. I have a small stash waiting in the wings. Stateside, I'll mostly be in St. Louis with a week's diversions planned in northern Michigan.