Under Construction

Welcome to June, everyone. The summer countdown began long ago. It's nearly here.

The first of each month, I usually participate in City Daily Photo's Theme Day, and today's theme "Under Construction" could be placed as a rider on nearly every photo you see here. Sometimes it feels like all of Beirut is a work in progress.

Construction still fascinates me even though it's omnipresent.  I've taken plenty of photos of different construction projects since beginning this blog. In case you want to see, I have tagged more than thirty "construction" photos on this site, which feature (among other things) construction methods, materials, safety gear, equipment, etc.

There's so much construction going on in Beirut that you'll regularly hear concerns about urban planning, license disputes, real estate bubbles, historic preservation, etc. Such concerns arise due to OVER construction, or a sense that there can be too much of a good thing.

The opposite of over construction? Under Construction: when buildings that should have been revived or demolished long ago manage to linger for years as dilapidated, unsightly messes on prime real estate.

Beirut has some famous, monumental examples to be sure, but this one is my personal favorite. It has an unimpeachable sea view, excellent high-rise potential, and it sits on the perfect spot for commercial establishments at the street level.  It's ripe for some kind of action, and yet here it is, unchanged.

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  1. Ha! Love your play on the term "under-construction."

  2. You are right, your blog is all about construction.

  3. I love your take on under construction. What are you waiting for? Buy up the building and make your high-rise! ;-)

  4. We shouldn't complain about the under construction in our cities when you have so much to be done.